Our Ethos


While providing a conducive work environment, we endeavour to create a dynamic and meritorious organization by recognizing performance and valuing the inputs and outcome of every stakeholder of the company.

Vision and Mission


To create a dynamic organization with all round development of people, so as to lead themselves and the organization towards sustainability and growth.


To offer value-added Specialty Paper products to customers and constantly develop challenging products for emerging applications.

Minimize the environmental impact through energy conservation, use of renewable energy and adoption of best available technology.


People matter, Results count.
Lead yourself, others and the Business.

At Pudumjee we foster ownership and entrepreneurship. We believe that only when people are truly empowered, they can be motivated to achieve new heights and create a better future for our Company. At Pudumjee, we are proud to say that we have the best minds in the business. Every member is a leader and an innovator in his/ her own right as they continuously find solutions, better our systems and deal with challenges in the most creative manner.