Décor Papers

Overlay Paper

Overlay paper is manufactured with clean pulp. It has high wet strength, controlled porosity and absorption characteristics used for décor lamination. read more.

Barrier Paper

Barrier paper is specialized paper with high opacity used for making decorative laminates. read more..

Print Base Paper

Print base paper is a top most layer of decorative laminates, which is printed in different designs. read more..

Shuttering Base Paper

This paper has properties like high wet tensile strength, high Gurley porosity & high tensile strength which make it suitable for manufacturing of laminates which is mainly used for shuttering application in construction industries. read more..

Absorbent Kraft Paper

Absorbent kraft paper has high degree of porosity with good absorbency for resin impregnation. Used as a bottom layer in decorative laminates. read more..