Food Grade

Grease Proof Paper

Pudumjee’s Greaseproof paper is made under hygienic condition from pure wood pulp which gives excellent grease resistance and oil hold out properties. read more..

Wet Strength Grease Proof

Wet strength greaseproof paper is specially designed with high wet strength property to withstand packaging of products with high moisture content like cottage cheese, meat products etc. read more..

Grease Proof Slip Easy Paper

Greaseproof slip easy paper is specially designed for conversion to moulded cups. read more..

Bake Oven Paper

Bake oven paper is used as a tray liner for flat baking application. This paper withstands multiple baking.
read more..

Vegetable Parchment Paper

Vegetable Parchment paper is manufactured with chlorine free highly refined pulp to develop excellent water proof and fat resistant properties. read more..

TDL Poster Paper

TDL poster paper used for various packaging applications is manufactured from premium quality pulp with addition of opacifying agent like Titanium di-oxide. read more..


SolidBag Paper

Pudumjee’s Solidbag paper is ideal for making quality paper bags which can be used as carriers or for packaging goods across industries like confectionery, fresh fruits & vegetables, beverages, grains & cereals, more..

SolidWrap Paper

Pudumjee’s Solidwrap paper is a multi-purpose food grade paper ideal for wrapping daily foods including breads, rotis, parathas, bakery items, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and many more. read more..