Other Packaging Specialties

Packing Tissue Paper

Packing tissue paper is an industrial grade high strength low gsm paper used for various applications such as packaging of valuable items , packaging of art pieces. read more..

Parchmentine Paper

Parchmentine paper is typically used for manufacturing of textile cones for filament winding in textile industry. read more..

Antirust Tissue Paper

Paper is specially developed for protection against rust through impregnated chemicals. read more..

Absorbent Porous Kraft Paper

Absorbent kraft paper have special features like high wet strength , high porosity and find application as filter media ,used as laboratory filter paper. read more..

Saturating Base Paper

Saturating base paper is specially developed with chemical additives to control burning rate of paper.
read more..

Carbon Base Paper

Pudumjee manufacture both types of carbon base paper used for one time application in computer stationary as well as for multiple use in office stationary. read more..

Melamine Crockery Paper

This paper is manufactured with clean pulp. Paper has high wet strength, controlled porosity and absorbency. read more..