Pharma Grade

Medical Paper (Bactite)

Hygienically produced, Bactite paper free from optical brighteners has been developed to meet special requirements to provide heat sealability, suitable for steam sterilization giving it color indication. read more..

Printing Bible (Pharma Inserts/Outserts)

Light weight printing paper developed by Pudumjee has high opacity & smoothness providing optimal solution for various printing applications besides being used in publications like Dictionary, Religious Books like Bible, Quran, and Bhagwat Geeta etc. read more..

Yellow Interleaving Paper

Paper which is in direct contact with sensitized film demands a clean lint free, smooth and uniform surface. read more..

OLB Pharma

OLB paper has potential applications in Packaging of Pharma goods. The paper is manufactured under hygienic condition; it has high smoothness to give good printing results. read more..

SIRIPAC – Medical Packaging Paper

Siripac paper is a good choice for packaging syringes, medical tools and other small items. The paper is made under strict hygiene conditions. read more..