Opaque Laminating Base (Pharmaceutical)

Opaque Laminating Base (Pharmaceutical)

OLB paper has potential applications in Packaging of Pharma goods. The paper is manufactured under hygienic condition; it has high smoothness to give good printing results. It has compact structure and thus provides an excellent base for coating with PVDC, VMCH etc to developed high MVTR & OTR properties and thus avoids use of Al-foil etc delivering a bio- degradable packaging.

35-40 GSM.


  • High strength, excellent surface properties (Smoothness) & outstanding runnability.
  • Good dimensional stability and high stiffness.
  • Balance basis weight & moisture profiles gives good bonding with laminates.
  • Environment and hygiene friendly packaging alternative.

End Use

  • Blister Packaging (Tablets).
  • ORS, ENO, etc Pouches.