Super Calendar Paper


Glassine paper is manufactured by a process called super calendaring in which the paper web after passing through pressing and drying section of paper machine is passed through a stack of alternating steel and fiber covered rolls. read more..

Super White Glassine

Super white glassine is a higher version of glassine paper which has higher transparency, smoothness, gloss and oil hold out as compared to the glassine paper. read more..

S. W. Glassine (LC)

S.W.Glassine (LC) is a variant of S.W.Glassine with controlled chloride content choosing special pulps and controlled process conditions. read more..

S/C Kraft Paper / Release Base Paper

Super calendared kraft paper is a very dense paper provides an excellent base for silicone coating in label application. With uniform caliper, it has superior die cut ability. read more..

Opaque Laminating Base Paper

Super Calendared OLB paper has high surface smoothness, has higher opacity suitable for good quality printing. read more..